Jan 8, 2019

Santorini ghost net removal 2018

Memorable diving in santorini: best of the year 2018

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With the year 2018 coming to an exciting end, despite the weather suggesting otherwise at the moment for diving, we would like to talk about how amazing this season was!

As a dive Centre we couldn’t be happier for all we’ve been able to achieve and for the privilege to corporate in a number of amazing projects this year.

While words will fail us and time wouldn’t allow even if we could, here are some of the diving moments that highlight the best of year 2018 in Santorini.

Without wasting much time, ladies and gentlemen…

The best of 2018 in diving in Santorini:

Together with Cousteau Divers and Ghost Fishing, we took part in an operation organized by Healthy Seas and exclusively sponsored by Italian fabric manufacturer, Carvico S.p.A. on June 2018, to mark the celebration of the World Oceans day. During which a team of 8 volunteer divers from Netherlands,France and Greece embarked on the demanding effort to recover lost or discarded fishing nets- also referred to as “ghost nets.”

Their efforts paid off. At the end of the operation they were able to discover and rid the sea of a huge ghost net measuring approximately 150 meters in a removal operation led by Pascal van Erp, Founder of Ghost Fishing.

This ghost net was notorious for entangling marine animals and causing unnecessary torture and leading to the eventual death of these entangled animals. In addition to this, ghost nets are known to continuously lose tiny pieces called “microplastics” that find their way into the food chain of main thus posing a serious threat to human health.

  • An unprecedented first underwater live streaming

Another notable spin off from the World Oceans Day celebration of 2018 was the underwater live streaming of the ghost net recovery process. The entire dive was streamed live and broadcasted globally for educational purpose. Viewers where kept abreast of happenings by Pierre-Yves Cousteau, founderof Cousteau Divers, who narrated the mission has it unfolded from beneath the waves in what many described as unprecedented.

  • Cousteau Divers continues in their bid for safer Santorini waters

In our bid to contribute to a safer Santorini marine environment we were glad to contribute to the successes achieved through the initiative of Pierre-Yves Cousteau of Cousteau Divers.

In his words:

“It was wonderful to work with HealthySeas, Ghost Fishing and Atlantis Oia in Santorini. Their professionalism and dedication to marine conservation have made it possible to successfully accomplish the abandoned fishing net recovery. We hope this action will help people in Santorini and all over the world realize the critical state of the Ocean and unite to stop itsdestruction.”

This was another proud moment that represents what we stand for at Atlantis Oia- fun and safety for man and the environment.

Final words

The 2018 World Oceans day celebration in Santorini was remarkable in many ways. And we are privilege to contribute our expertise to making the event a success that it turned out to be. Moments like these and our love for the ocean and Santorini inspire us daily to do what we do. And looking ahead to 2019, we are filled with optimism and poised to make it even more fun and noteworthy for our clients, the environment, Santorini and the society at large. Wishing you a prosperous 2019!

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