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Why take a diving course while diving in santorini- the best way to get the most of diving

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Santorini can feel crowded during summer time, a break on the diving boat is the perfect break to meet another world while you’re having fun yet recharging your batteries.

The amazing view of Santorini as seen from a boat makes it difficult for divers not to fall in love with it.

What more?

The great condition of the waters of Santorini allows you to enjoy complete peace of mind while you get ready for a relaxing dinner as the sunsets.

And if you’ll want to make the experience reach new levels of thrilling then you need to take to diving to experience the underwater wonders that lie beneath in this unique volcanic Island.

Diving seems like fun, indeed it is only if you know how to. For some they are afraid because they don’t know how to go about it. And this is where an experienced diving school with the appropriate diving courses comes in.

Through a diving course you’ll be assisted by great divers that are trained to deal with first time divers like yourself even kids in order to guarantee your first diving experience is one you’ll never want to forget thus helping you pick up the skills faster.

So why not make the most of your vacation? While in Santorini you can take advantage our diving course and learn a new skill while having fun

Helping you to a pleasant diving experience is our diving course. Exciting, thorough and flexible, this course is one you’ll come to be proud of because on every occasion we use latest technologies and competent teams of experienced divers and instructors to put our student through the art and act of diving.

At Atlantis Oia, we don’t just make diving in Greece possible, we go a step further to make it a fun filled experience

Here are some of features that make taking a diving course at Atlantis Oia a no brainer:

Open Water Course for beginners

As a one stop diving course we are properly set up to cater for the needs of those individuals that want to take a plunge into the diving world. Our instructors are gentle, courteous and experienced which means you’re in good hands.

Certified in diving and safety standards we adhere to practices that promote safety both on and underwater.

Whether you can swim, you’ve tried to dive before, or you have no clue how to get by when submerged, our beginners course is your first step to obtaining a PADI certification on hand to put you through the rudimentary process of diving so you can as well experience the thrills that comes with diving in Sanotrini.

Advance Open Water Course for certified divers

So you can dive, heck, you’ve done it a couple of times. This course is perfect for you. Here our highly skilled divers will teach you how to take your diving to the next level- so you can navigateseemingly challenging underwater scenarios. At the end of the program you can take to the seas with confidence and navigation and deep diving skills to back it up.

Specialties such as wreck diving, wall diving, deep diving

There are certain cases underwater where the skills of even the most advanced diver will be tested. And more often than not, most will fail with the basic skills to meet these specific underwater challenges that include: wreck diving, wall diving, deep diving etc. That’s why we’ve handpicked the best of our expert divers that are highly knowledgeable in this areas to help you acquire skills and techniques that will help you navigate such hairy situation when you’re faced with the.

Cousteau Memorial Plaque - Atlantis Diving Santorini

We are cousteau divers and we have the honour of having the first underwater memorial- the plaque of Jacques-Yves Cousteau


The legend of the Cousteau Divers lives on today

Man has always been fascinated by exploratory activities. One of such is the quest to discover the lost Atlantis.

So it was that the similarity between Plato’s description and the history of the Aegean Island of Santorini led to a flurry of activities to discover the lost city of Atlantis.

Amongst the expeditions over the years include geologist, archeologist, explorers, scientist and adventurers who have all launched several expeditions in an attempt to discover the lost Atlantis.

Notable among those on the quest to discover this lost city is Jacques-Yves Cousteau who made one of the most concerted efforts in discovering Atlantis off the Island of Santorini.

And in honour of his efforts, in 2011, an underwater memorial plaque was placed in honour of him in a special cave off the coast of Santorini to commemorate Cousteau’s 101st anniversary and his expeditions in Santorini looking for the lost Atlantis.

A little about Jacques-Yves Cousteau memorial plaque:

  • Designed by the great artist and symbol of the Mediterranean art Alexander Reichardt, the plaque is a masterful piece of art worthy of all what Cousteau stood for.
  • Today the plaque is under the care of Apostolos Stylianopoulos from Atlantis Dive Center.
  • The plaque has attracted many a great number of divers over the years and many are still interested in seeing this all important piece of art that reflects a lot of history and man’s love for expedition.
  • Jacques son, Pierre-Yves Cousteau founded “Cousteau Divers” and commissioned the memorial in honour of his dad.

Cave diving In Santorini and the memorial of Pierre-Yves Cousteau

Cave diving has one of the biggest thrills when it comes to diving. Thousands of divers all over the world put their skills to test in various underwater caves around the world.

One of such cave is one located off the island of Santorini that houses a memorial plaque of Pierre-Yves Cousteau.

This cave has the extra benefit of revisiting a rich history by divers who constantly visit this site in honour of the man that has come to represent the search for the lost Atlantis.

It makes so much sense to navigate the undulating topography, turns and bends that are characteristics of a cave then reward your efforts by reaching the plaque. It makes for a good tale and an epic “I came, I saw, I conquered” feeling.

Don’t be left out of this great adventure and feeling of excitement and join thousands of divers you conquered the cave to see this memorial plaque.

Though Costeau and his team are no more today, his legacy and love for the ocean lives on through a dedicated team of divers that have dived the depths and breath of the Santorini coast as the modern day Costeau divers.

Final thoughts

Diving is an adventure as much as it is a skill. And this is represented by the efforts of Pierre-Yves Cousteau and his team of Cousteau divers. It is therefore not suprising that today more and more divers have included a visit to his memorial on their bucket list. Who would blame them? It is fun, it is adventure, and it is history all wrapped in an exhilarating cave dive in Santorini.

Dive in Santorini - Atlantis Oia Dive Center

5 reasons to dive in Santorini


Thinking scuba diving in Greece or scuba diving in volcanic areas? Then let your thought and submerge yourself in the underwater haven that is the waters of the island of Santorini.

After the merriment of the Christmas holidays are you looking forward to a fun packed summer holiday?

If that is the case then we’ve got you covered- with the perfect plan suitable for you and your budget.

For professional divers or those looking to try out the adventure that is diving for the first time, Santorini is the destination of choice. This piece of heaven in Greece is the perfect spot to enjoy the adventures of diving or to get started as a diver.

And it is not so difficult to understand why.

Also known as Thera in the classics, this island seats pretty in the southern Aegean Sea with its breathtaking landscape, majestic traditional white cave houses hanging on the cliffs, astonishing sunsets by the sea makes Santorini one of the most visited locations today.

That’s not all

Santorini has other amazing things to offer

From treating your taste buds to unforgettable delicious meals, savoring the one-of-a-kind wine tasting experience through to embarking on a sailing tour in Caldera by the sunset, it’s no wonder Santorini is one of the most wanted destination for visitors of all ages and demographics around the globe

However what makes Santorini stand out lies beneath the surface.

Arguably the most exciting prospects for divers, you’ll come to live with the ageless memories of the exciting underwater world of the mysterious island.

It has been an attraction for many explorers, like the well known Captain Jaques-Yves Cousteau, who spend few expeditions looking for the secrets of the Caldera.

5 reasons you can’t be wrong when you come diving in Santorini

1.The water condition is awesome!

Hands down one of the first considerations for a prime diving site, the waters of Santorini are as good as they come. With an average visibility of 40m, the clear blue waters make for beautiful Instagram photo shots. That with the fact that the current here is mild means diving is as enjoyable as a breeze!

2.Mesmerizing diving Volcano sites

Who says diving is boring hasn’t come close to diving through the volcanic active caldera that characterizes the waters of Santorini. Get your focus ready and be blown by the awe-inspiring volcanic step formations that distinguish this spot from any other you’ve ever dived in.

3.Great conditions for beginners

Together with the warm crispy weather, the water conditions in Santorini is the perfect place to make your debut diving. The mild current, clear waters, and breathtaking underwater view means it is a recipe for the moment of a lifetime. What it implies is that you can’t ask of a better destination for taking your Open Water Diver License than in Santorini.

4.It is an underwater heaven of fun for Experienced and Certified divers

Thanks to its unique and varied underwater features of the Caldera including a ship wreck, experienced divers find it interesting, intriguing, and exciting. This provides divers with a range of options for an enjoyable fun dive. With lots of exciting possibilities such as: deep dives, wall diving, wreck diving, cave diving and so on, what else would you ask for?

Dive in Santorini - Atlantis Oia Dive Center

5.Dare the Myth

Many explorers visit the waters of Santorini yearly in search of Atlantis. This means you have an opportunity to be part of them. Why not get your “explorer game on” and try discovering the lost city? One thing is guaranteed: no matter the outcome, you’ll be submerged in a thrilling world of fun.

Bottom line

Clear blue waters, impeccable beaches, crisp skies, and warm temperature, Santorini has it all. This and many more makes Santorini a diving delight both for beginners and experienced certified divers.

Documentary Cousteau Divers in Santorini

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Alexander Reichardt & Apostolos Stylianopoulos both Cousteau Divers who support the aims of Pierre-Yves Cousteau’s marine conservation foundation “cousteau Divers”.
In the extraxt of the documentary they explain where and why the Memorial Plaque of Jacques-Yves Cousteau is placed in Santorini. Which is the aim of Cousteau Divers and how they are trying to protect the sea of Santorini.
“We just leave bubbles”

Pitsirikos diving with Atlantis Dive Centre

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Pitsirikos is a famous greek journalist and he writes about us:

Dive for free

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Atlantis Oia Dive Centre Santorini is taking part of the program “DIVE FOR FREE” of DAN, it is a promotional offer reserved for divers who are DAN Europe members. Book one dive and get another for free! Check DAN’s website for the details of this promotion:

Discovering Amfitriti – Cave Diving

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Really interesting documentary about technical cave diving in cave Amfitriti in Paros, the neighbour island of Santorini. The other side of diving

English subs included.N’joy

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Cousteau Divers

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Atlantis Dive Center is one of the few Cousteau Dive Centers in the world. Pierre-Yves Cousteau following in the footsteps of his father is the founder and president of Cousteau Divers, a non-profit organization whose aim is the union of divers around the world and the protection of marine life. Pierre-Yves visited Santorini for first time in May 2009 and since then he has come several times. On his visits to Santorini more intensely remembers “great food, friendly people, beautiful sky and sea.”
Like his father, he considered that Santorini is the lost Atlantis and returned in the late 70’s two television episodes on the island, so Pierre Yves loves the bottom of Santorini because “the water is very clean and the underwater landscapes dramatic and impressive. ” Pierre Yves believes that “the strength of the eruption that destroyed the Minoan civilization must reminds us how vulnerable our societies are and how valuable our life” His favorite spot for diving is physically “in the caldera, which can not always accessible due to northern winds, but where the crater sinks to a depth of hundreds of meters and a complex rocks creates distinctive sunny seagrass meadows. ”
Pierre Yves has already discussed the idea of ​​creating a protected marine area in Santorini with locals and the mayor of the island, as he notes, “there is real interest from their side.” He says ready to offer guidance for the creation of the marine park, since, as noted by closing, “Santorini is an island of love, and people protect what they love.”

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