Diving Santorini

Documentary Cousteau Divers in Santorini

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Alexander Reichardt & Apostolos Stylianopoulos both Cousteau Divers who support the aims of Pierre-Yves Cousteau’s marine conservation foundation “cousteau Divers”.
In the extraxt of the documentary they explain where and why the Memorial Plaque of Jacques-Yves Cousteau is placed in Santorini. Which is the aim of Cousteau Divers and how they are trying to protect the sea of Santorini.
“We just leave bubbles”

Pitsirikos diving with Atlantis Dive Centre

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Pitsirikos is a famous greek journalist and he writes about us:

Dive for free

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Atlantis Oia Dive Centre Santorini is taking part of the program “DIVE FOR FREE” of DAN, it is a promotional offer reserved for divers who are DAN Europe members. Book one dive and get another for free! Check DAN’s website for the details of this promotion:

Discovering Amfitriti – Cave Diving

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Really interesting documentary about technical cave diving in cave Amfitriti in Paros, the neighbour island of Santorini. The other side of diving

English subs included.N’joy

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Cousteau Divers

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Atlantis Dive Center is one of the few Cousteau Dive Centers in the world. Pierre-Yves Cousteau following in the footsteps of his father is the founder and president of Cousteau Divers, a non-profit organization whose aim is the union of divers around the world and the protection of marine life. Pierre-Yves visited Santorini for first time in May 2009 and since then he has come several times. On his visits to Santorini more intensely remembers “great food, friendly people, beautiful sky and sea.”
Like his father, he considered that Santorini is the lost Atlantis and returned in the late 70’s two television episodes on the island, so Pierre Yves loves the bottom of Santorini because “the water is very clean and the underwater landscapes dramatic and impressive. ” Pierre Yves believes that “the strength of the eruption that destroyed the Minoan civilization must reminds us how vulnerable our societies are and how valuable our life” His favorite spot for diving is physically “in the caldera, which can not always accessible due to northern winds, but where the crater sinks to a depth of hundreds of meters and a complex rocks creates distinctive sunny seagrass meadows. ”
Pierre Yves has already discussed the idea of ​​creating a protected marine area in Santorini with locals and the mayor of the island, as he notes, “there is real interest from their side.” He says ready to offer guidance for the creation of the marine park, since, as noted by closing, “Santorini is an island of love, and people protect what they love.”

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