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What is so fun about fun dive in Santorini?

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Discover the facts that make fun dive in Santorini epic!

Santorini, an Island in Greece is considered a choice destination for divers. This paradise has a lot to offer from its iconic surface landscape to its thrilling underwater features, which has made it a top pick for divers looking for fun diving.

Simply put, there are lots of reasons why fun diving in Santorini is another level of epic excitement. Come with me as I lead you to explore some of these reasons.

Santorini has some of the best dive sites in Greece

First off, without doubt, this is what this Island has come to be reputed for- awesome dive sites.

Located in the southern Aegean nestled by clear blue waters, it is not surprising Santorini has some of the beautiful sites for diving in the whole of Greece. Both for beginners and experienced divers, the diving sites here hold their own.

What do you think when you close your eyes and imagine what makes diving fun?

Clear blue water? Sea animals??Amazing corals??? These are characteristics of the dive sites here no wonder it is one safest place to dive in Greece.

Santorini: Home to Diving Volcano

In addition to the amazing waters off the island, one of the distinguishing features that make diving in Santorini unforgettable is its active volcano. This geological wonder makes for an irresistible fun diving experience as you glide around taking in some of the best views you’ll ever see.

Ship Wreck diving

Making your submerged experience all the more exciting is a ship wreck of a 34m tour boat just 13m underwater. What better opportunity can you ask for to experience the excitement that comes with making your way through the hallowed halls, doorways and turns of a ship wreck?

The clement weather

The clear skies and warm temperature instantly lifts your mood and sets the tone for a fun packed stay on this island.

The natural underwater

The corals, flora and fauna underwater remains largely unaffected by man’s activities which mean you have an opportunity to see nature in it wild and beautiful best.

Fun diving in Santorini checklist

Clement weather, awesome water condition, and breathtaking underwater topography makes for the perfect recipie for a fun diving of a lifetime.

Here are some of other stuffs that will ensure it is:

A great dive tour: to help you navigate the choice spots on the island and ensure you don’t miss a view.

A diving service: to ensure you don’t lack anything from snorkels, scuba suits to oxygen tanks.

A underwater camera to capture those ageless memories and to liven your social media photo updates.

These are some of the things that will make your fun diving experience one of its kind.


Diving should be fun. And at Atlantis Oia we do everything possible to make sure it is. This makes us your reliable partner for a fun diving experience of your life. Take a plunge from the Caldera beach, glide around the volcano and underwater topography and you’ll quickly discover it’s your best decision you made to come fun diving in Santorini.

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